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100 Blogger Templates Created in 2013

Ultimate Collection of 100 Blogger Templates Created in 2013

We are proud to give you a list of the best 100 blogger templates created in 2013. There are hundreds of blogspot templates out there that has been recently created but these are the ones that we can confidently recommended. They are the best when it comes to design, load time and functionality. We have included both free and premium blogger templates so it’s easier for you to navigate. Hopefully you will love the list.

1. Adamz Responsive Blogger Template

adamz-responsive-blogger-templateDemo                       Download
Adamz Blogger Template is created by an Indonesian designer and being distributed at a premium by This is a responsive blogger template which means you can use this to make your blog easy to browse on any device may it be a desktop PC, tablet, or a phone that your visitor or guest is using. This is a powerful template which has an auto featured post slider and a featured image slider which you can manually add.

2. Sevida Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

sevida-responsive-magazine-blogger-templateDemo                       Download
Sevida Responsive Magazine Blogger Template is made by the same designer that we have above and this is from the same source. This template will show you that it’s pretty cool to use blogger CMS. It’s clean, very professional and packed with features that you need for your blog. This includes post slider and featured image slider. It also supports threaded comments, news ticker, and emoticons.

3. Gothicaall Purpose Dark Template for Blogger

gothicaall-purpose-dark-template-for-bloggerDemo                       Download
Gothica All Purpose Blogger Template is a dark template that can be used in any blog. This can be used on your business or portfolio blog. It has a nice image slider on the homepage. It uses CSS styles and other great features. This is just perfect if you are looking for a template to awe your readers.

4. Grid Spot Responsive Blogger Template

grid-spot-responsive-blogger-templateDemo                       Download
Grid Spot Responsive blogger template is another awesome template that you can use. The designer aims to change your mind about blogger and hopes that you love using it as a blog CMS. I have tried this one and I like it. It’s fast loading, clean and very professional looking. So far it has everything that I need in a blog and does what it promise.

5. The Book of Hours Blog Shop for Blogger

the-book-of-hoursblog-or-shop-for-bloggerDemo                       Download
 The Book of Hours eCommerce Blogger Template was created earlier this year. It makes use of the very basic blogger template but uses a lot more features that are not readily available on blogger. With this template it will be very easy to integrate PayPal payment utility for your shop if you incorporate it to your blogging.
From this point forward all templates are free of charge. So you can use them for free. Please don’t forget to keep the credits link as a courtesy to all hard-working designers who has provided us with these blogger templates. To view the live demo of the template just click on the “Demo” link below the image template. Beside it is a “Download” link which will bring you to a page where you can download the template. This will also include all necessary documentation explaining how to install the said template.

6. Dropcloud Responsive Blogger Template

Dropcloud-Responsive-Blogger-TemplateDemo                       Download

7.  Bresponsive Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

bresponsive-blogger-template-freeDemo                       Download

8. Geeks Gadget Blogger Template

geeks-gadget-blogger-templateDemo                       Download

9. Twitter Blogger Template

twitter-blogger-templateDemo                     Download

10. Metro UI Blogger Template

metro-ui-blogger-templateDemo                       Download

11. News Magazine Blogger Template

news-magazine-blogger-templateDemo                       Download

12. Maxmag Responsive Blogger Template

maxmag-responsive-blogger-templateDemo                       Download

13. Blogism Blogger Template

blogism-blogger-templateDemo                       Download

14. Megamag Blogger Template

megamag-blogger-templateDemo                       Download

15. Dazzling Designer Blogger Template

dazzling-designer-blogger-templateDemo                       Download

16. Hi Tech Technology Blogger Template

hi-tech-technology-blogger-templateDemo                       Download

17. Webmag Blogger Template

webmag-blogger-templateDemo                       Download

18. Metro Classic Responsive

metro-classic-responsive-blogspotDemo                       Download

19. Al Islamic Blogger Template

al-islamic-blogger-templateDemo                       Download

20. Androidmag Blogger Template

androidmag-blogger-templateDemo                       Download

21. Creative Gallery Blogger Template

Demo                       Download

22. Metrominimalist Blogger Template

metrominimalist-blogger-templateDemo                       Download

23. Webdesign Blogger Template

webdesign-blogger-templateDemo                       Download

24. Travel and Tourism Blogger TemplateTravel

Demo                       Download

25. Minima Classic Blogger TemplateMinima

Demo                       Download

26. Responsive TemplateResponsive

Demo                       Download

27. VideoBloggerVideoBlogger

Demo                       Download

28. Beauty Blogger Template

beauty-blogger-templateDemo                       Download

29. Blogger Template Missing You

blogger-template-missing-youDemo                       Download

30. Simple White Clean Blogger TemplateSimple White Clean

Demo                       Download

31. MyTimeLineMyTimeLine

Demo                       Download

32. Siren Blogger Template

siren-blogger-templateDemo                       Download

33. Quintel Blogger Template

quintel-blogger-templateDemo                       Download

34. Winter Blogger Template

winter-blogger-templateDemo                       Download

35. MyExtraNewsMyExtraNews

Demo                       Download

36. MXFluityMXFluity

Demo                       Download

37. Modern StyleModernStyle

Demo                       Download

38. iTech Blogger TemplateiTechBlog

Demo                       Download

39. INA NSG Blogger TemplateINA

Demo                       Download

40. BusBybusby

Demo                       Download

41. Blogholic TemplateBlogholic

Demo                       Download

42. Blogger VietBlogger Viet

Demo                       Download

43. AzSandsAzSands

Demo                       Download

44. RocketRocket

Demo                       Download

45. RedGamesRedGames

Demo                      Download

46. MusicMagMusiMag

Demo                      Download

47. MusicMag GreenMusiMag Green

Demo                     Download

48.Main PhotoMainPhoto

Demo                       Download

49. Launcherlauncher

Demo                       Download

50. JaridJarid

Demo                       Download

51. Farhan SideFarhan Side

Demo                       Download

52. CarGamCarGam

Demo                       Download

53. AlyeskaAlyeska

Demo                       Download

54. VectorCloudVectorCloud

Demo                       Download

55. TemplateGreenTemplateGreen

Demo                       Download

56. SimbiosisSimbiosis

Demo                       Download

57. NewMusicNewMusic

Demo                       Download

58. LineYellowLineyellow

Demo                       Download

59. ColorBeautyColorbeauty

Demo                       Download

60. BrownTextureBrownTexture

Demo                       Download


DIYWPDemo                       Download

62. Boating

BoatingDemo                       Download

63. Spirit

SpiritDemo                       Download

64. HorseRiding

HorseRidingDemo                       Download

65. Limax

LimaxDemo                       Download

66. Delicacy

DelicacyDemo                       Download

67. NewsMagazine

NewsMagazineDemo                      Download

68. Virtuale

VirtualeDemo                       Download

69. Westen

WestenDemo                       Download

70. Sevim

SevimDemo                       Download

71. BlueRedBlueRed

Demo                       Download

72. BlackForMeBlackforme

Demo                       Download

73. BlackBlueBlackBlue

Demo                       Download

74. BeautyEffectBeautyeffect

Demo                       Download

75. Alyeska 2Alyeska

Demo                       Download

76. Something FishySomething Fishy

Demo                       Download

77. Sensational Responsive Blogger Template

SensationalDemo                       Download

78. Johny Ribet

johny RibetDemo                      Download

79. ScrappyScrappy

Demo                       Download

80. HelixHelix

Demo                       Download

81. BigNewsBigNews

Demo                       Download

82. TechFrontTechFront

Demo                       Download


Demo                       Download

84. HostingMozHostingMoz

Demo                       Download

85. CutlerimCutlerim

Demo                       Download

86. Blog Horsing BlogHorsing

Demo                      Download

87. Volume Vector Volume Vector

Demo                       Download

88. Yellow Ochre Yellow Ochre

Demo                      Download

89. Termio Blogger TemplateTermio

Demo                      Download

90. Daxy Blogger TemplateDaxy

Demo                       Download

91. BinaryBinary

Demo                       Download

92. XenonXenon

Demo                       Download

93. FlatUI

FlatUIDemo                       Download

94. DCM Dark

DCM DarkDemo                       Download

95. Pakdhe Johny

Johny PakdheDemo                       Download

96. Yaminth Blogger Template

YaminthDemo                       Download

97. Holding Pattern Blogger Template

Holding PatternDemo                       Download

98. Patchwork Blogger Template

patchWorkDemo                       Download

99. Stitch Blogger Template

StitchDemo                       Download

100. Buttercream Blogger Template

ButtercreamDemo                      Download

Alright so we have given you a good list of beautiful blogger templates to choose from. I am sure that whatever kind or niche you are blogging on we have the just the template for you to use. Checkout the installation guide for each template and backup your old template in case of trouble. If you want to suggest a template please don’t make sure to comment below and leave a link to that template. Just in case these 100 blogger templates created in 2013 is not enough. :)


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